domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Hopper at Home ((( First Presentation )))

Lighthouse Hill (1927)

We came down the path
and the light blew
the west

Excursion Into Philosophy (1959)

My heart was the sun
on the wall
at my back

Gas (1940)

One car arrives
One car leaves
I stay

Compartment C, Car 293 (1938)

The words were not good —
sad thing to realize
at evening and middleway

Chair-car (1965)

Some were going
Some were coming
I was just sitting in for the ride

Nighthawks (1942)

She kept talking
And I kept thinking
why was I not drunk

Railroad Sunset (1929)

The sun carried away
the train
and we were gone

Road in Maine (1914)

I waited under the evening lights
but it was never

Summer Evening (1947)

You said not a word
under the still light
good-bye you said not

Self-portrait (1925-1930)

He wanted to paint the sunlight
he said
and the sunlight came

A Woman in the Sun (1961)

The sun gave her
a name
and she answered

Apartment Houses (1923)

I looked at her every morning
and she didn't know
I even had eyes

Approaching a City (1946)

I departed with no memory
and slept —
Now I smile

Light at Two Lights (1927)

We walked all day
and said not a word:
the world was our dirty patch of sand

New York Movie (1939)

Sitting at the back
we struggled with each other —
we knew the world was ending

The Mansard Roof (1923)

We wanted to go out
but grandpa said it was too early —
so we decided to climb

House at Dusk (1939)

She wrote me a letter
but I didn't know how to read it —
A letter she tore down

Hotel by the Railroad (1953)

I had to go — you know
It was not a personal matter

Blue Night (1914)

The clown is dead
Don't shoot the clown
The clown is you

Office at Night (1940)

Everyday I stayed after-hours
to read the poems you wrote —
and then you were gone

El Palacio (1946)

We used to walk by sundown —
Now I just go to the roof
and miss you

Automat (1927)

As cold
as coffee
is dark

Drug Store (1927)

My pain was mine to keep
Came the night my name
So call inward the old seed

Two Comedians (1965)

My dance was yours
and mine
your smile

Pennsylvania Coal Town (1947)

You don't remember
my name
under the lawn

Chop Suey (1929)

You painted me
over your bowl of rice
and forgot my thirst

Prospect Street, Gloucester (1928)

We lived merrily
and we're dead now
in your eyes

Early Sunday Morning (1930)

Early — very early
I was looking for you
into a blind place